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Today the field education has become vast as compared to earlier times. There are multiple options for students and currently it is the trend of specialisation. Students can focus on their direction right from the 1st step. With so many options students also tend to get confused for the lacuna of proper guidance. Observing this need and to guide the students MCF Eduaid was formed in 1997 to light the right path for students so that they can choose the right career. We have been working globally helping students to choose the right stream and the right college / university. We also guide students at every step enabling them to overcome all hurdles during the process of admission. We are authorized by various colleges / universities across the globe who are recognized by international government bodies like World Health Organisation (WHO), National Medical Commission (NMC) in processing various formalities during admission and visa. Student’s councelling is done by our team of experts on the basis of the academic background, aptitude & aspirations of students and their eligibility is reviewed eligibility as per the criteria of courses of the universities.Our stand-alone team of councillors are well-experienced based on their 1st hand experiences. They have themselves served / visited the universities so the quality is assured and bench mark is met. Since our inception we have extending our services nationally as well as internationally. It is our endeavor to contribute to the overall development of the industry by delivering quality, ethical and professionally sound services. It is the principle of MCF Eduaid to process al operations directly with colleges and universities. We do not restrict our services to admission procedures only but also facilitate students with educational loans and scholarships. These support them financially to overcome bottlenecks and achieve their goals. MCF Eduaid is proud to stand with thee goodwill of almost 100% satisfaction rate. More than 1,000 students have been guided and placed across the globe and are continuously serving with ever-growing numbers. We gladly welcome aspiring students from all backgrounds to avail our services in the best possible way and ensure a bright future.

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